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Bob Boeckelman/Restaurant Revue
Bob Boeckelman is a native of New Orleans, residing uptown, who graduated from Jesuit High and Tulane University.  He had been freelance writing about restaurants since college and has appeared in the Times Picayune, Gulf Coast Arts Review, The Liquid and The Heart of Baton Rouge.  Before Hurricane Katrina (2006), Bob said, "New Orleans must open more restaurants at all levels of dining than any other city per capita" and he intends to bring as many of the varied styles as possible so everyone can find a place to eat." Bob parlayed his knowledge into a refreshing radio show as a forerunner to his weekly, hour long cable television show, called Restaurant Revue.   It’s not another cooking show!  It’s not another re-hash of the same well known restaurants reflecting the subjective whims of the pretentious critic.  The chef/owner of the weekly, featured restaurant will kibitz with Bob over the menu and field calls from the listening audience.  Call to the station.  You're invited to talk live with Bob and his guests.
What is Restaurant Revue, you ask?
It’s an economic engine intended to drive customers to our restaurant rather than merely giving out recipes or … focus is on NEW restaurants/chefs whose need for diners is most critical during its infant stage with big overhead required to open/renovate staff and open.  Any restaurant can have a bad day or service, if the chef is absent, wait staff is short or other technical reason. None is reason not to visit early.  Besides we all love to be able to tell/impress our family and friends with tales from the newest on the block.
The logo for our show is a rhebus R(ed) STar Ant followed by the word Revue.  Our animated logo/character, RSTA may be pronounced "URST A" or "RST A.  If you'll follow RSTA, he'll lead you to some of the finest restaurants New Orleans has to offer by accessing the most recent show. Maybe, you wish RSTA to take you to access our archives of previously reviewed restaurants. Also, RSTA can allow you to feedback comments directly to Bob or you may post a comment on the blog. Also, you can learn how to become one of
RST A's "Roaming Revuers". 
R is for restaurant, rythms rtist and reel!